Who is Steven Kuo?

Steven Kuo is an author and founder of BizSynergy Marketing Technology Institute, and a highly sought after technology and business coach. As a serial entrepreneur whom have founded and developed businesses in a wide variety of industries including .COMs, Health & Nutrition, Digital Media, and Retail, Steven has experienced many trials, tribulations, and successes in business building.
Early in his entrepreneur life, Steven had several failures, He blamed on bad customers and economics at the time. However, his desire to succeed forced him to abandon his on arrogance and seek out the business lessons he desperately needs. Steven realised that business and marketing in the real world is nothing like he was taught whilst in university.
Steven took responsibility of his past and immersed himself in learning the secrets of the best business gurus in the world: people whom have sold over a million dollars in products and services. He invested over $14,000 and six years learning from them, whilst researching how to apply and simplify these proven marketing strategies with new technologies like the internet, mobile phone marketing, and social networks.

He then spend the last seven years simplifying the numerous disconnected strategies and systems he has learned into one simple, easy to apply small business internet marketing framework that help make sense of marketing on new technologies.

Having tested and proven his strategies by consulting with small business owners and helping them achieve sales success, Steven combined and organised his simplified strategies and tactics to form the basis of his Trusted Based eMarketing framework in 2010.

Steven professional clients ranged from small/medium sized companies, right up to some of Australia’s best known organizations. He was often sought out to be interviewed by the media on technology and eMarketing topics.  Steven has used his Trust Based eMarketing framework to help many business owners make sense of the numerous internet marketing tactics and tools, helping them reach their sales goals faster with less effort.
Steven founded BizSynergy Marketing Technology Institute, a boutique marketing technology research and delivery organization that focus on helping and teaching small to medium sized businesses owners what he learnt about customer acquisition, technology, and marketing.
Steven’s mission is to help other small business owners avoid the same marketing mistakes he made, navigate the technology jungle and leverage them for marketing success.

BizSynergy provides proven, easy to implement turn-key marketing technologies that can give businesses an instant marketing boost, helping them gain marketing edge against their rivals. Steven’s proven techniques will put businesses on the path of least resistance to success, and give them the leverage to compete with the “big dogs” and succeed where they never thought possible.