What are some swear words you know?image

I’m sure you know plenty and how much offence it can potentially cost those whom do not like hearing them.

However, the dirty words that I’m referring to are not the usual suspects of what not to say in front of the customer.

Actually, these words are much much worse.

They have the potential to kill your business!!!

Using these dirty words, your customer will ignore every effort you try to reach them.

Every dollar spent on getting your customers to check you out will disappear down the sink hole and you’ll notice negligible results.

What are they?


These are Superlative words.

Superlatives are defined in Wikipedia as

“superlative is the form of an adverb or adjective that expresses a degree of the adverb or adjective being used that is greater than any other possible degree of the given descriptor.” ~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superlative

Without realising it, many of us used these in one form or another when marketing our business.

Words like

“Best”, “Quality”, “Experience the Difference”, “Number 1”, “Experienced”, “Better”, “Finest”

Are all Superlatives without qualification.

Why are they dirty words?

Because they all infer a relative comparison without which will render your marketing message meaningless.

Your marketing message will be drowned out in a sea of similar messages and your customers will simply not notice your business.

Your business will NOT STAND OUT! And that, in a ever more competitive business environment that’s business suicide.

If I say, “We make the best coffee in town”, what does that mean?

imageFact is, there are tones of coffee shops that claims the exact same thing. So will your message stand out?

Much better headline would be:

Words like“Your coffee will be made using 100% Arabica beans roasted fresh each day, enjoy a fruity aromatic coffee with a hint of chocolate and amazing after taste “

Try removing these dirty words from your marketing and watch your sales soar!

Enjoy your coffee!