Getting more customers the easy way…

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I have learnt numerous ways to generate new customers from my business mentors, however, these methods are not all created equal.

Here in this blog article, I look to introduce you the fastest way to generate ultra high quality leads that are ready to buy your products and services.

This is the same method that helped New York Times best seller Brendon Burchard sell over a million dollars in products within 4 weeks.

It’s a technic that is so easy, you’ll be surprised on how simple the idea is.

Are you ready for it????


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Dental Entrepreneurs! Your customers don’t trust you any more…

The world has changed by technology beyond recognition, this is a photo from Vatican in 2003…., this is the same place taken in 2013


With this much change, people are more connected than ever. Our customers share their experiences about your business in an instant. And yet, why are we still using marketing tactics from the last century? Why are we still relying on discounts, sales, and floating blimps with you logo to attract customers instead of paying close attention to customer relationship?


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Stop swearing in your marketing today!!

What are some swear words you know?image

I’m sure you know plenty and how much offence it can potentially cost those whom do not like hearing them.

However, the dirty words that I’m referring to are not the usual suspects of what not to say in front of the customer.

Actually, these words are much much worse.

They have the potential to kill your business!!!

Using these dirty words, your customer will ignore every effort you try to reach them.

Every dollar spent on getting your customers to check you out will disappear down the sink hole and you’ll notice negligible results.

What are they?



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