Dental Entrepreneurs! Your customers don’t trust you any more…

The world has changed by technology beyond recognition, this is a photo from Vatican in 2003…., this is the same place taken in 2013


With this much change, people are more connected than ever. Our customers share their experiences about your business in an instant. And yet, why are we still using marketing tactics from the last century? Why are we still relying on discounts, sales, and floating blimps with you logo to attract customers instead of paying close attention to customer relationship?


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What is the secret to dental business prosperity

imageWhat is the secret to making more money?

More money than you can ever spend?

More money than what you know what to do with?

There are many books written on this subject.

Robert Allen say you can get rich doing real-estate, you know “no money down deals”, “buying from the 5Ds ”, “Buy-Renovate-Sale”…

Warren Buffet say you can get rich via buying under-priced stocks with strong balance sheet and holding them for life.

Optionetics ( says you can get rich using Options trading, using sophisticated technics such as a Seagull, PCCRC, Iron Condors…etc

Who is right? Is there a way we can distil these numerous ways of getting rich into its pure essence?


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