Saw this poster board advertising on the way home from a client,  do you have any idea what this is saying?

I will give you 5 seconds…

Chances are,  some of you worked it out after reading the fine print below.  Whilst others are still confused.

The point is,  when people have ever shrinking attention span, why waste precious attention of your prospect by making them guess what you want them to do?

“hold on to your handle bars” says nothing about the main message,  doesn’t invoke intrigue, nor is particularly interesting.  And yet,  the  headline is what we rely on to draw customer attention to investigate further and possibly buy from us.

It costs money to advertise and this means wasted headline is losing you opportunity to attract new customers, ie losing you money.

To make better returns on your advertising, pay attention to your headlines to ensure it satisfy the 3 golden rule of headline writing:

1.  Headlines must draw prospect to read more.
2. Headlines must be self explanatory on what it’s objectives are
3. Headlines must be attention grabbing.

Enjoy your day and make it awesome.

Steven Kuo