“3D printers in dentistry with Dr. Scott Ganz (DHP69) via @dentalhacks http://bit.ly/1LjJSlC”

Dr. Scott Ganz has been scanning patients with CTs since the 1980’s. When you were playing Pitfall on your Atari 2600, he was 3D printing mandibles. I’m not kidding.

In the second half of our interview with the amazing Dr. Scott Ganz he tells us about how CBCT technology and 3D printing has developed and changed through is career. He walks  you through some of the earliest uses of 3D imaging in dentistry in some pretty incredible stories! Then we shift gears a little bit to hear about how international dentists are on the cutting edge of this technology and maybe, just maybe, how the U.S. needs to catch up!

The Brain Trust digs into the new patient experience. You’ll hear Dr. Lance Timmerman, Dr. Melissa Zettler and (eventually) Dr. Matt Standridge talk about their process for bringing new patients into their office. Whether you bring them through hygiene or do a comprehensive exam you’ll walk away with some pretty great tips on making a great first impression with new patients!

In our “Go Hack Yourself” segment we feature:

“Temp Tabs” : all purpose, inexpensive thermoplastic temp matrices

Dollar Photo Club : inexpensive stock photography

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