As a dental practitioner, you know you cannot be everything to everyone. You have to know who you are so you can give a strong clear message to both your patients and prospective patients. Many dentists make the mistake of trying to be the “go-to” guy/gal for everything. A BIG mistake!

In this video, Dr. Steffany Mohan shares seven (7) marketing mistakes dentists make that are costing you millions of dollars in lost profits. She also gives tips for correcting these mistakes. So for example, instead of trying to be everything to everyone, she suggests choosing a niche.

Her niche is Invisalign and implants. But there are so many other niches to choose… She says many people suffers from sleep apnea, and there’s a procedure in dentistry that caters to that… If you know this procedure, you could “specialize” in it… This would be your niche. And the list is exhaustive.

So sit back, relax, and watch this video, “7 Marketing Mistakes Dentists Make…” and leave a comment below:

7 Marketing Dental Marketing Mistakes

7 Marketing Mistakes that Dentists Make That Are Costing Millions in Lost Profits.