The world has changed by technology beyond recognition, this is a photo from Vatican in 2003…., this is the same place taken in 2013


With this much change, people are more connected than ever. Our customers share their experiences about your business in an instant. And yet, why are we still using marketing tactics from the last century? Why are we still relying on discounts, sales, and floating blimps with you logo to attract customers instead of paying close attention to customer relationship?

Trust Based eMarketing, AKA, TRUE marketing strategy, is Strategic Marketing Approach that addresses the key problem with modern day business marketing. The problem that modern day consumers are more sceptical than ever due to the overwhelming marketing exposure.

Why? Research by Media Matters published in 2007 shows an average consumers is exposed to more than 625 advertisement in an average day(Media Matters 2007), it’s no wonder our customer’s ability to focus on any one advertisement is considerably shorter.

Marketing Guru Michael Maslansky has said that in today’s marketing environment, trust can no longer be assumed, it must be earned. (The Language of Trust, Selling Ideas in a World of Sceptics – Michael Maslansky)

Conventional marketing wisdom often relied on brand awareness. That if you put your information out in front of the consumer enough times, when it is time to make a purchase, hopefully your consumers will choose you.

Many have even used the memorability of an advertising campaign to measure its effectiveness. Implementing this means telling them what you sell, telling them your features, telling them your credentials, telling them about your brand, and if all that fails, telling them about your sales and special offers. But does memorable ads actually translates to sales?

Before the days of massive advertising bombardments, telling your customers whom you are and what you do used to work.

Imagine you’ve taken a time machine and gone back 20 years where you are one of the only three dentist in town. By mentioning the fact that you’re a dentists will usually bring you enough business to keep you going.

Now, come back to today’s world where in your local area where you not only have more local dentists to compete with, you now need to compete with dentists overseas in the form of dental tourism, as well as massive dental corporates offering cheap and crappy dental service. Would it surprise you that simply mentioning who you are and where you work no longer work as effective marketing?

Unlike conventional marketing, Trust Based eMarketing Strategy start by answering every customer’s number one concern, What About Me? Before we think about what brand spanking new marketing method we want to use, we start by focusing on who our customers are. What are their pain points? Are they concerned about price and the impact to their budget? Have they been ripped off before?

What do they really want? Forget about your product or services for a second, what are they really buying? Is it a power drill? Or do they just want a hole in the wall and are looking for the best way to do it?

Knowing your customer’s pain and pleasures will allow you to fit your services around your customer. Providing your customer the best experience requires you to focus on them, giving them the focus first will help you create services that attracts them. Your customers first question is What About Me (WAM), you will stand to make massive profits by making your customer experience all about them.

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