“Everything we know about remineralization is wrong and other honest res… via @dentalhacks http://bit.ly/1OVe7lb”

In episode 49 the DentalHacks are trying something a little different. We’ve gotten feedback from a few listeners that they would prefer an entire long form interview on the show instead of splitting them over more than one show. So for those folks, we’re trying it out. And there’s no one better to do a deep dive with than Dr. Rella Christensen.

Rella Christensen was one of the founders of Clinical Research Associates (now TRAC). They’ve essentially been the “Consumers Reports” for dentistry for the better part of 40 years and you won’t find anyone more knowledgeable on dentistry and dental materials than Rella. Our interview shows her kind demeanor as well as her no nonsense treatment of the data. She’s going to change some minds with her discussion of modern crown and bridge materials, particularly monolithic zirconia and she’s probably going to ruffle some feathers when she talks about enamel remineralization protocols and how everything we think we know about remineralization is wrong!

Oh…and don’t get her started about sugar.

This is a really good interview with one of the smartest people in dentistry. Drink it all in, DentalHacks listeners!

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