3 Secrets to Long-Term Success

Today I want to share with you what I consider to be some real secrets of long-term success and wealth.

People often associate money with success so having loads of money means you’re also successful, and often that comes with great power. So, people who are successful have money, and they […]

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Three Best Ways to Market Your Dental Practice Online

Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and Google Places Reviews

Firstly, let’s talk about Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. – The reason I recommend them both is due to them allowing you to target your ideal customer and focus your marketing dollars only on those customers. So, for example, if your dentistry is […]

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The Number One Mistake Dentists Make When Marketing Their Dentistry

The #1 marketing mistake dentists make when marketing their dentistry is thinking announcement-based marketing can bring them sufficient customers. i.e. Simply announcing their name, their title, or their presence and services, will bring in customers.

So once upon time before all this modern-day competition, if you’re in a small town and you’re a […]

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8 Common SEO Mistakes Business Owners Make

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing discipline that is not only essential to remain competitive in todays’ market, but is mandatory if you are serious about driving traffic to your website. For dental entrepreneurs who are new to the information superhighway, SEO can be like an excruciating […]

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