What is the secret to dental business prosperity

imageWhat is the secret to making more money?

More money than you can ever spend?

More money than what you know what to do with?

There are many books written on this subject.

Robert Allen say you can get rich doing real-estate, you know “no money down deals”, “buying from the 5Ds ”, “Buy-Renovate-Sale”…

Warren Buffet say you can get rich via buying under-priced stocks with strong balance sheet and holding them for life.

Optionetics (OptionsVet.com) says you can get rich using Options trading, using sophisticated technics such as a Seagull, PCCRC, Iron Condors…etc

Who is right? Is there a way we can distil these numerous ways of getting rich into its pure essence?


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Stop swearing in your marketing today!!

What are some swear words you know?image

I’m sure you know plenty and how much offence it can potentially cost those whom do not like hearing them.

However, the dirty words that I’m referring to are not the usual suspects of what not to say in front of the customer.

Actually, these words are much much worse.

They have the potential to kill your business!!!

Using these dirty words, your customer will ignore every effort you try to reach them.

Every dollar spent on getting your customers to check you out will disappear down the sink hole and you’ll notice negligible results.

What are they?



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