imageWhat is the secret to making more money?

More money than you can ever spend?

More money than what you know what to do with?

There are many books written on this subject.

Robert Allen say you can get rich doing real-estate, you know “no money down deals”, “buying from the 5Ds ”, “Buy-Renovate-Sale”…

Warren Buffet say you can get rich via buying under-priced stocks with strong balance sheet and holding them for life.

Optionetics ( says you can get rich using Options trading, using sophisticated technics such as a Seagull, PCCRC, Iron Condors…etc

Who is right? Is there a way we can distil these numerous ways of getting rich into its pure essence?

What is the secret essence of getting rich?

According to Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, getting rich is about all about perception of self.

If we think we’re going to be rich, and believe it, then our mind is activated in such way to draw riches to our doors.

It will seek out the necessary information, people, and opportunities.

Scientists actually proved this concept when they found this in the reticular region of our brain and how it helps us pay attention to what we have in our mind. This is called the Reticular Activating System.

Even the Bible has this wisdom long ago, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

Any driven person whom MUST get rich WILL get Rich.

This concept is powerful because it actually helps build your business so that you can make more moneysmall marketing perception

Especially when you apply it to your business marketing because it will help you sell more products.


By helping you recognize that selling your product is about the mind…the mind your customer.

How your customer perceives about your product will determine whether he/she buys.

This rule overrules every other rule of marketing and product fact.

In fact, if you can get your customer to perceive value about your product, you can sell anything, even air.



The story of Emperor’s New Cloths (by Hans Christian Andersen), we see a perfect example of that in action.

The King perceives that he has new clothes can’t be seen by incompetent, stupid people. So he paid highly for from the con artist weavers whom basically sold him air.

Al Ries mentioned this as his number one rule in marketing in his audio book Rules of Marketing, that Marketing is about perception, not logic, not facts.

So if you want your product to sell, stop focus on its features and its pricing.

Focus on what your customer perceives your product to do for them and the value it brings them. If you just follow this golden rule in all your marketing, you’ll see dramatic results

Abundance to you and your family